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When is the best time to hire a Magician for a Wedding?

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

If you are getting married and looking for some amazing wedding entertainment a Magician is a great choice, but most people are never sure when the best time to hire a Magician is?

Hi, I'm Colin Phillips a Hampshire Magician based between Southampton and Portsmouth in the UK. I have performed at 100's of weddings. Through my many years of performing magic at weddings, these are the most popular times for magic in order of popularity.

1. During the Wedding Breakfast

A lot of people assume that performing during the photos is the best time for magic, but I have found that during the wedding breakfast is by far the best time to perform my magic.

The main reason for this is that everyone is sat in small groups of 8-10 and have your un-divided attention for 5-15 minutes.

You can deliver a mini magic show to them and also have a table in front of you so you can bring out more tricks.

You can see from the photo above the kind of reactions you get!

2. During the Photos / Drinks Reception

Hiring a Magician during the drinks reception / photographs is a very popular time for wedding magic, performing magic during this time is great for;

  • Keeping your guests entertained whilst you are away having your photos done

  • Creating a conversation starter for friends and family who might not have met before

  • Provides a great introduction to the magic so when I hit the tables everyone is really excited for more!

Coming in a very close second is during the photos. As everyone is coming back from the church (or wherever the wedding is taking place) there will normally be a few hours where your guests are outside having canapes and drinks whilst you are away having your photos taken.

A lot of couples are concerned that their guests are "left on their own" and you can rest assured by hiring me to perform some magic there will be a lot going on!

A lot of time I will perform during the photos and continue into the wedding breakfast.

This really depends on how many guests you are expecting and how much magic you want them to see.

3. During the room turn around

When a lot of couples contact me about performing magic at their wedding, this is the time slot that they think will be the best. When the wedding breakfast is over and the hotel want to move your guests out of the room and set the room up for the evening celebrations.

Whilst initially this sounds like a good idea, the reality is that if you have guests that are staying in the hotel, they might retire to their rooms, if the hotel is large, some might go for a wander and what I have found is that you end up trying to find wedding guests!

Also, if it is a large hotel there might be another wedding taking place, there might also be members of the public there and it gets problematic to work out who is a wedding guest.

I would suggest you discuss this option with me before going ahead.

4. Evening Celebrations

Performing magic during the evening celebrations is a great idea if you have more guests arriving just for the evening. However, you also need to consider what other entertainment you have.

If you have a DJ and or a Wedding Band, consider where they are going to be playing and how loud they will be.

I have been to weddings where there is only one room with a DJ a Band and myself and it can get quite difficult to perform magic.

If there is an outside and other places to go, I love performing magic in the evenings as everyone is normally in the party mood.

Get in Touch

If you would like to find out more about hiring a Magician for your wedding entertainment and the best time for the Magic, please get in touch



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